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Welcome to Vargheden Icelandic horses and B & B

Skuggi, Jólia, Draumur, Kembingur, Jarl och Strákur

Riding tours daily from mid-February to mid-October ! Riding camps with riding in one to several days with accommodation in our B&B. We have riding tours from one hour to three hours.

Short trip: 1 hour + about 1-1,5 hour when we pick the horses, brush them and saddles , etc. 550 SEK/person.

Medium trip: 1,5 hours + pick-up horses, saddling, etc. 700 SEK/person

Medium trip whith coffeestop: 2 hours + pick-up horses, saddling, etc.( You bring you own coffee and sandwiches.) 800 SEK/person

Long trip: Long trip: 3 hours.( You bring your own coffee and sandwiches.) + pick-up horses , saddling , etc. 1200 SEK/person

Riding camps:

Stay for a night or more and choose for yourself one or more tours. (See above). A night with B & B , including , breakfast, sheets, towels and cleaning. 600 SEK/person.

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